Unconditional Hospitality :: Brooklyn Public Library
Investigating the role that the historic Bedford Branch Brooklyn public library takes within a tight-knit community.
Urban Design :: Little Havana
An urban community proposal for the historic neighborhood that has seen a century's worth of culture and immigration.
Design-Led Research :: Immigrant Narratives
Taking a deeper look into how immigrants form their own identities as ‘aliens’ in a country they call their own.
Design is Change
Fighting for children's rights through a lighthearted approach, set of ten posters donated to the DCI organization.
1231.org is a desktop and mobile website design, developed for the company of the same name, that faces challenges of responsive design across different platforms.
Arroz con Mango :: Small Publication Press
'Arroz con Mango' is a common phrase used by Miamians, with Cuban origins representing a mashup or hodge podge combination of bits and pieces.
Wertheim Performing Arts Center
An opportunity with the FIU Theatre Department of Audience Engagement, calling for poster marquees to the upcoming 2017-18 four play season.
App Development :: Search'D
Rough planning and mock-ups of an application that would track and organize your browser history.
Works at Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)
Gallery notes, map and brochures created as printed materials that accompany Friedman's latest solo show at Pérez Art Museum Miami.