Editorial and Urban Design :: Pop-up Park
A pocket park proposal addressing the area's need for a day-to-night display and event space, meanwhile maximizing the use of the empty lot found at 136 Miracle Mile.
Typography :: Passing Ships
Light and shadow creates lettering, based on the poem “The Theologian’s Tale” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Packaging and Typography :: Monument
Art direction, typography and design of packaging and branding for a unique fragrance.
The process of memory
A continuing work in progress, based on hand drawn illustrations that overlap across the pages.
Branding :: Hedasse
Assisting in the development of the up-and-coming company's logos and brand identity.
Web and Branding :: MSH Energy
New branding strategy including logo, business cards, website design and similar collaterals.
Web and Branding :: DFA Consultants
Creation of a new logo and brand overhaul—including a comprehensive website with booking services, user profiles, mailing list and contact.
Urban Design :: Snapper Creek
Proposal to connect the adjacent area below the Dadeland South Station with Miami MetroRail's upcoming Underline park- a citywide effort to increase cycling, reduce traffic and improve health.
Prints :: Reflections
One watercolor painting with four variations, each modified through digital drawing and editing.
Typography :: Papercut
Whimsical typeface inspired by decorative fonts of the 1960's. Created as a modular font, with mix-and-match pieces that form a floral motif.
Patterns :: printmaking
Experimentation of layer, texture, color and repetition, and how these factors can affect tone in an image despite keeping a consistent form.
The Interactive Frame :: artwork & film
Research on a piece from the Wolfsonian permanent collection which led to production of inspired artwork and animation.