In this case the phrase is used both as a name and to describe the ideology of a small publication press. Begun as a way to collaborate with other designers, Arroz con Mango features works experimenting with techniques of printmaking, collage, hand lettering, photographic manipulation, digital and traditional illustration. The works I publish under this small press allow me to interact directly with fellow artists, local businesses and residents of the community. 
1. 01 (2017)​​​​​​​
Simply titled "01", this book was the first of the publication press to be a collaborative work with a fellow designer. It is emblematic of what the phrase 'Arroz con Mango' stands for as the book featured printmaking techniques, news clippings, digital and hand-drawn illustrations, hand written typography and other methods.

"01" was an exploration of local topics; including personal experiences as 1st and 2nd generation Latino Americans growing up in the US, gay and drag culture in opposition to traditional Hispanic upbringing, digitization and urbanization eroding our natural and cultural identities. The book also contains references to traditional phrases and stories, as well as typical Miami/Cuban foods.
Interior spreads of the book (not including covers)
One of the primary objectives of the Arroz con Mango Publication Press is to engage with the community. The "01" book was exhibited at Milly's Empanada Factory's rotating gallery of local artists during the summer of 2017. Milly's is a local business that combines a Venezuelan mother's traditional recipes with youth culture, LGBT culture and local art.

- Creation of books for showcase and sale during the O'Miami Zine Fair at The Lowe Art Museum at University of Miami (April 2017)
- Exhibited at Milly's Empanada Factory's rotating gallery of local artists (Summer 2017)
- Showcase and sale at the West Kendall Zine Fest for two consecutive years (April 2017 & 2018)
2. Allegory of Time (2016-2017)​​​​​​​
"Allegory of Time" is a small publication based on a series of 60 original prints, a project created earlier for showcase during a student exhibition at Florida International University, and re-adapted into a book format. The booklet explores feelings and experiences of those affected by mental illnesses.

The original series of 60 prints are meant to symbolize the 60 minutes in a clock, using distortion and repetition to represent experiences of psychosis or dissociation, in which time alters sometimes slowing to make minutes feel like hours. All the pieces were created using the same elements but are manipulated by layering of these; at times becoming blotchy and heavy with ink, and at others leaving only ghostly outlines.
- Original 60 prints were showcased in student exhibition held within the Artist Studio building at Florida International University (May 2016)
- Creation of books for showcase and sale during the O'Miami Zine Fair at The Lowe Art Museum at University of Miami (April 2017)
3. Paraiso (2018)​​​​​​​
The second collaborative work of Arroz con Mango and the follow-up book to "01".

"Paraiso" is a kind of retrospective on the Miami illusion—Miami as the Magic City and ultimate paradise destination. We researched on the origins of the Magic City looking at historic imagery of vintage publications, postcards and posters, but also looked at how the exact message and image of this paradise has changed through the decades. 

The book also considers how the landscape has been transformed and developed often leading to the destruction of the natural environment, and how increasing technology and digitalization may alter it in a future with rising sea levels.
Short video of the book's spreads which featured methods of collage, digital compositions and illustrations. Imagery from vintage postcards, 'Old Florida' books, 80's Miami magazines and other sources was incorporated and modified into new configurations.
Since "Paraiso" explores the concept of overpowering technology one of the goals of this publication was to create a digital counterpart to the book, including interactive spreads which could be viewed through an app or web component.
- Creation of books for showcase and sale during the O'Miami Zine Fair at Little Haiti Cultural Complex (April 2018)
- Showcase and sale during the West Kendall Zine Fest (April 2018)
- Partnership with 'Furniture Store-Miami' for showcase and sale of the "Paraiso" books, and postcards based on their content, during the summer of 2018. This was a temporary pop-up shop which featured objects, publications and artworks exclusively by local South Florida artists.
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