1231.org :: website
A web and mobile design developed for the company 1231org that faces challenges of responsive design across different platforms.
Defense for Children International :: poster series
Fighting for children's rights through a lighthearted approach, set of ten posters donated to the DCI organization.
Arroz con Mango :: collaborative zine
A collaboration between friends with issue no.1 created for showcase during the 2017 O' Miami Zine Fair.
20 years being OK :: interactive site
It's been 20 years since the release of "OK Computer", yet it speaks more about today's societal problems than ever before.
Wertheim Performing Arts Center :: poster series
A commission from the FIU Theatre department calling for poster marquees to the upcoming 2017-18 four play season.
MRI Scans :: artist book
A continuing work in progress, based on hand drawn illustrations that overlap across the pages.